November 27, 2008


Sorry for the break in transmission - I'll attempt to be get back to posting sometime soon. I have plenty more content that I can upload, I just need to find the time and the motivation to do it!

Unfortunately, the photo hosting site I was using to host the last few posts has closed-down, so those posts are now no longer visible.

February 21, 2008

July 1962 - Part V - Pages 20 - 24

This is the last installment of the complete July 1962 magazine issue.

The back cover and inside back cover were posted in Part I of the July 1962 issue.

AC July 62 - p20

AC July 62 - p21

AC July 62 - p22

AC July 62 - p23

AC July 62 - p24

February 20, 2008

July 1962 - Part IV - Pages 14-19

Continuing on posting the complete July 1962 issue, page for page - here are pages 14 to 19. More to be posted tomorrow!

AC July 62 - p14

AC July 62 - p15

AC July 62 - p16

AC July 62 - p17

AC July 62 - p19

February 18, 2008

July 1962 - Part III - Pages 7-10

Continuing on posting the complete July 1962 issue, page for page - here are pages 7 to 10. More to be posted tomorrow!

AC July 62 - p07

AC July 62 - p08

AC July 62 - p09

AC July 62 - p10

February 7, 2008

July 1962 - Part II - Empire Games preview & other news

I've had contact from the US from someone who has a number of issues of the Australian Cyclist from 1948-1951. I hope to be able to get scans of those magazines to add to the collection that I have and to post them here. Thanks Dave and to Karen for pitting me in touch with him.

The scans here are more of an 'archival' nature - I presented some of the feature articles from the July 62 issue in my last post and in this post, I'm going to post pages 1-5, which contained a mix of writing. I hope to post the complete July 1962 issue in coming posts, purely to give you all an idea of what made up a complete issue of the magazine.

If anyone has any of the issues of RIDE magazine from last year - please get in touch - there was a write-up on Bill Long, the editor of the Australian Cyclist in one of them, but I threw it out in my move. I'd be keen to post those scans here to document who Bill was and did.

Also, if there are others out there who are interested in Australian bicycles and history, I'd recommend you have a look at the Ozpushies group.

AC July 62 - p01

AC July 62 - p02

AC July 62 - p03

AC July 62 - p04

AC July 62 - p05

January 30, 2008

July 1962 - Part I - Sid Patterson, Joe Ciavola & more

AC July 62 - cover

AC July 62 - i-cover

AC July 62 - p6

AC July 62 - p11

AC July 62 - p12

AC July 62 - p13

AC July 62 - p18

AC July 62 - i-back

AC July 62 - back

January 16, 2008

Malvern Star in the good old days

AC April58 - MS
If only it were true now.